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Now, this can be said for LIFE in general, but in comics, people can be really sensitive.  I mean, the nature of comics is that it’s very much an artists interpretation wholly and completely on the page and in the comic, so people are a little more sensitive when it comes to showing their work, after all, it’s THEM right there on the page so, and many feel this way, when you critique their work you are critiquing THEM.  That’s not actually the  case.  There is a difference. But that’s a different story.

My point is, even after you’ve broken in and your working, remember where you came from.  Remember there was a time when you wanted to be where X creator was at.  So DON’T BE A DICK to fellow creators and the people that are coming up in comics too.  It’s just bad and lemme tell ya, karma is a bitch.  It will come back on you.

All too many times I’ve seen creators have these massive ego’s that is just bewildering to me, I mean, it’s comics.  It’s not like you’re making billion dollar movies here and millions of people are hanging every word you say.  It’s…comics.  You can be ‘famous’ (which is funny to me) one minute and forgotten the next.  Seriously.  If you really look at comics history, the landscape is littered with LITERALLY thousands upon thousands of bodies from people that worked in comics for a very short time and moved on.  So why the ego’s?  Why be a dick to people like that?  It confuses me.

Don’t get me wrong, we’re all human, we have bad days, things go wrong, we don’t get enough sleep, having relationship troubles, it happens.  Just be aware of it.

So, yeah.  DON’T BE A DICK.  That goes for the ladies too. It’s universal.  Be good to one another.

You’ll get more flies with honey than with vinegar. Know what I mean?  🙂




P.S. Oh, yeah, if I’ve ever been a dick to you or AM ever a dick to you, call me on it.  We’ll laugh it off.  :):)


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