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A New Year

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Well here we are 2014.  Still no flying cars quite yet but…

So I’ve kinda been doing an experiment over the last year with Facebook and Twitter, the new messageboards of old as I see it and I’m not really impressed.  They can be very infuriating as people become more and more ‘sociable’ online, sharing every minute detail of their lives.  Not to mention the fact that FB and Twitter do NOT allow you complete control over your account.  Did you know that you cannot DELETE your FB account?  At all?  You can only disable it.  I don’t like that.  I want complete control over an account that I start somewhere.  So with that, I’m going to start posting more here and updating my other various hangouts more.

So on to the art stuff.

I just finished an Annual that’ll be out at the end of this month with Diogenes Neves, it’s the World’s Finest Annual #1.  Prior to that we did some issues of Supergirl that were alotta fun.

SUPERGIRL#2410inksbs SUPERGIRL#2412-13inksbs SUPERGIRL#2419inksbs

I’ve done some other fun pin-up stuff with Kelsey Shannon again.


A fun Supergirl pin-up over Yildiray Cinar


Some Justice League pages over Doug Mahnke

JLA0816inksbs JLA0819inksbs

And a Cerebus.  Because why not.


There’s been alot more this past year, mostly a huge hodge-podge of random stuff which is why this year, I’m really focusing on getting regular work.  So we’ll see what happens.  See u next time.  🙂


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