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New Year. New Post.

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Does anyone really surf blogs anymore?  It’s all Facebook/Twitter/Tumblr/Deviantart and whatever other social media outlet there are.  Oh, well.

Here’s an art dump.

Avengers0404inksbs Avengers0407inksbs ScottMcDanielDDinksbs GL1301inksbs GL1302inksbs GLC013inksbs smallvile_mashup_by_emperios-d5mbxw4GLC017inksbs JL1219inksbs SG_12_16inks SG_12_16inksbs SG_12_17inksbs SG1510inksbs SG1511inksbs SG1512inksbs SG1513inksbs LL1508inksbs SnakeEyescvrinks1sbs SnakeEyescvrinksbs LLink1412sbs LLink1414sbs

Some are published work, some are commissions and some are for fun.  You’ll find Mahmud Asrar, Fernando Pasarin, Scott McDaniel, Lee Ferguson, Chriscross, Jim Lee Andres Guinaldo, Pete Woods, Doug Manke and Adam Kubert pencils in here.

See you next time!


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