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It’s been a helluva year

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It’s been crazy busy around here for me.

First off this is the first time I’ve been employed by comics ALL year long.  No breaks, no lulls.  Straight through, every month, all year long.  It’s a crazy high, I gotta tell you.  It’s nowhere NEAR easy, but it’s a great ride.

Second, I moved.  The wife and I decided to build a home this time, because then we could be as picky as we wanted and then GET what we wanted so that she and I and our 3 boys would have enough room.   It doesn’t come without its pitfalls, though, lemme tell ya.  It was nowhere near easy.  And we’re still getting settled.

Third….well…those 2 were enough.  For pretty much the last 6 months we’ve moved and I’ve moved mountains keeping up with the deadlines and some of them were pretty nasty.  I was reminded at how lucky I am to be working at DC and other publishers at this past years’ FCBD when a local guy asked what I had set up for myself at the end of the long table and I just half-heartedly, with fatigue heavily set in, remarked how I was just showing my DC work.  His eyes lit up and he said, “COOL, man, so you’re really living the dream!  That’s awesome!”  And like cold water being splashed on my face, after months of intense deadlines and worrying, it hit me… Oh yeah!  This is freakin’ cool.  And it is.  I’m so thankful to be doing this and that people like my work,  its just hard to put into words how much I appreciate everything going on right now.  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a struggle and it’s damn hard work.

But, man, what a payoff.

I can’t thank all of you enough who have repeatedly Fav’d my work, when I actually got around to posting it.  Thank you all a ton and see you next year.


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